Risk Grustlers / Episode #7

The Process of Setting Up A Process To Set Up A Process

featuring Renae Martin

Renae Martin, whose love for information security developed in a rather unorthodox way, is joining us for our seventh episode of Risk Grustlers! Her journey as a journalist turned senior technical program manager is one full of interesting pathways, anecdotes, and challenges. 

Tune in as Renae shares the inside stories from her years of experience tackling several security projects!  

“I've learned from past experiences that when flashy tools were brought in without the necessary structure and support, it often led to issues. There's no magic solution in a tool alone; it requires knowledge and effort to work effectively. Establishing a strong foundational risk program comes first.”

"While checklist-based approaches can be dull, the real value lies in understanding optimal solutions and collaborating closely with teams to innovate."

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Drawn by the excitement of the early 2000s tech landscape, Renae chose to transition from an entirely different field – journalism to the cybersecurity industry. In this episode, we are uncovering her experience of starting in this industry as a very beginner to what she feels now as an experienced professional.

GRC often faces perceptions of being unexciting and undervalued compared to development teams – and Renae is no stranger to this conception. 

However, as a project manager who’s lead several security projects – she has seen the role evolve and is sharing how the real value lies in understanding optimal solutions and collaborating closely with teams to innovate.

That’s not it though, we are going deep and hitting Renae with just the right questions – who wins in GRC – a pushover or a hard ass? What are the implications of assertiveness and empathy in long-term GRC success? 

If you’re interested in learning her thoughts on these topics, then don’t forget to tune in to our seventh episode of Risk Grustlers!

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