Scrut for SaaS

Boost growth, achieve compliance, and improve security! 

Compliance is a must for cloud-native companies, not just to avoid fines and penalties but to optimize growth and improve the security posture. Scrut’s smartGRC platform aids organizations to do all three from one single dashboard.

ISO 27001 & SOC 2 Frameworks

ISO 27001 and SOC 2 are two of the most integral IT security standards SaaS companies are expected to comply with, by stakeholders and customers alike. However, it can be a rough journey if a firm does not have the right resources to streamline compliance.

Scrut’s smartGRC platform does just that, simplifies and automates all requirements such as evidence collection, policy creation, penetration testing, and more leading up to the final certification audit, with us.

Out of the box ISO 27001 framework to help you get audit-ready in a matter of weeks

Automate your compliance programs

Scrut platform has in-built workflows to enable your teams to collaborate, implement, and launch controls to improve your security posture. With Scrut, your Infosec teams will eliminate 70% of manual workflows and scale without needing more folks.

Secure your cloud

The Scrut platform comes with native CSPM capabilities, helping you automate security checks across the length and breadth of your cloud infrastructure. This means you have a world-leading 200+ controls as per the gold-standard CIS benchmarks at your disposal, 24X7.

Be audited by the best

Scrut partners with the who’s who of the industry when it comes to security audits with more than 25+ partners with extensive PCAOB and CERT-IN  empaneled auditors. Using Scrut, you can be rest assured that you are audited by the best.

Stay Compliant with Confidence

Be Future-ready with a Robust Risk and Security posture

Single Platform. Single Interface. Single Invoice!

Reduction in Manual Efforts by 70%

Industry-best Resources and Partners in Network

1 mn

Over 1 million assets monitored every month


Powering over 600+ customers across the globe


faster time-to-market for HIPAA


25+ Audit partners


75+ tech integrations


10k customer’ vendors assessed for risk

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What our Customers have to say

Finding a balance between the time-consuming SOC 2 Audit and our fast-paced product development was challenging, but Scrut made this a reality. We were able to complete the audit while maintaining the pace of product development, helping us accomplish two of our goals at the same time.

Sudheer Bandaru

CEO, Insightly

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