Manage your compliance posture
to close deals faster

Build trust among your customers with security evidence of being compliant with multiple standards and win more business deals. With Scrut for Startups, you get audit-ready in days, not months.

How does Scrut help startups?

Quick compliance program setup

Set up your compliance program effortlessly using a guided, content-rich approach with our in-house compliance experts.

Eliminate manual tasks

Optimize your teams’ bandwidth and free them from manual compliance activities like evidence collection and audit tracking.

Fasttrack your

Easily add and collaborate with auditors on the platform. Share documents, field evidence requests, and track audit status in one window.

Boost your sales

Gain the confidence of potential customers by showcasing a strong security posture using customized, easy-to-build auto-populated security pages.

Marketplace for all compliance requirements

Access vetted auditors, consultants, and penetration testers at pre-negotiated rates directly on the platform without having to search multiple sources.

Build a credible infosec program

Build a credible infosec program through a pre-built library of 50+ policies vetted by compliance experts and save hours of manual work.

Build a credible infosec program
Automate evidence collection

Reduce manual evidence collection effort

Save hours of manual effort otherwise spent in evidence collection through integrations across 70+ popularly used applications pre-mapped against controls.

Guided implementation process

Scrut’s in-house team of infosec experts will guide you through the entire compliance process, from the program set-up to certification.

Guided implementation process
Manage multiple audits, simultaneously

Manage multiple audits, simultaneously

Eliminate audit fatigue by sharing and reusing controls across frameworks and collaborating with auditors right on the platform.

How It works

Simply connect your
application landscape to the
Scrut platform

Work with Scrut's in-house
infosec team to fix the gaps on
your dashboard

Successfully complete your audit
by collaborating with auditors
right on the platform.

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