Risk Grustlers / Episode #8

A Scoop of Risk, Squishy Not Crunchy!

featuring Jason Leuenberger

Joining us on the eighth episode of Risk Grustlers is Jason Leuenberger, a Leadership and Team Coach whose journey in GRC speaks for itself. In this episode, Jason offers practical insights highlighting the importance of skills like communication and relationship-building in strengthening risk management.

With over twenty years of experience in the industry, Jason is the perfect guide to help you master the often-overlooked softer side of GRC.

“The human side of risk is what I like to call the softer side. We often assume that people are either naturally born with talents like communication and relationship-building or they’re not. But the truth is, these are skills that we can learn, understand, and actually develop over time.”

“We've been sticking to the crunchy side for far too long, overlooking the human and emotional aspect of our work. And let's face it, risk and fear aren't anyone's favorite topics. We need to adjust ourselves to create a warmer, more productive collaboration where we can make real progress together.”

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Risk management isn’t all crunchy and rigid – and that’s coming from someone who’s been there, done that. Jason has been immersed in the crunchy approach towards GRC for the past 20 years, deep into technical domains, and now he’s sharing why the softer side of GRC may be the hidden gold mine no one’s paying attention to. 

GRC teams and individuals deal with several professional difficulties, fears, and uncertainties that impact their risk decisions. But what is being done about it? 

Oftentimes, GRC professionals on the crunchy side have to carry out softer tasks that require things like behavior changes across teams, which in turn require steps to be taken. What does the bridge between this gap look like?

Join us as we learn about what the soft and squishy side of GRC entails with Jason and also understand the impact his organization – kinkou.org has been having on bringing this soft side to a new light. 

You can also reach out to Jason directly at jason@kinkou.org to learn more about his services. 

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