Risk Grustlers / Episode #9

The Art of Breaking Into the Security Space

featuring Akshay Ahuja

Joining us on the ninth episode of our podcast Risk Grustlers is none other than sec-savvy Akshay Ahuja, the Principal of Information Security at M2P Fintech. He’s not just your average security guru; he’s the kind of cybersecurity wizard who makes firewalls feel inadequate!

Akshay started his journey as an electronics and communication engineer, but he threw caution to the wind and embarked on a quest to chase his cybersecurity dreams. Fast  forward over a decade, and he’s become a bona fide legend in the cybersecurity realm.

“When it comes to automation, it’s all about showcasing what it can do for you. It’s about creating evidence automatically and reducing manual effort. And let me tell you, this new age of AI, with powerhouses like OpenAI and ChatGPT, is already disrupting the market. So I would say that it will soon disrupt the market of compliance. It is the future, and there is no way around it.”

“Regulations and compliance requirements in the realm of Infosec share a significant overlap. Many regulators emphasize similar aspects such as information security, major industry practices, and more. Around 65 to 75% of these requirements align across various frameworks. The goal now is to devise an objective approach for companies to develop their own common control framework.”

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Akshay Ahuja vividly recounts his unique career journey in this exciting episode. From graduating as an electronics and communications engineer to becoming the Principal of Information Security at M2P Fintech, Akshay discusses how he followed his passion to get to where he is today. 

He dives deep into the need for staying up to date with regulatory changes and leveraging technology, particularly automation and common control frameworks, to enhance compliance efforts.

A strong advocate for automation, he believes AI-driven technology like OpenAI and ChatGPT, will become increasingly essential in the compliance market and recommends embracing automation to keep pace with the evolving cybersecurity landscape.

So, whether you’re a seasoned professional looking to up your game or you’re just embarking on your infosec journey, you will not want to miss this one! Tune in to gain important insights into the world of cybersecurity.

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