Make your Infosec compliance radically simple

Say bye to slow and error-prone manual work. Say bye to managing multiple consultants and tools. Scrut brings your ISO 27001, SOC 2, GDPR, PCI DSS, CCPA and HIPAA compliance in a single place so that you can focus on your business and leave compliance to us.
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We’ve been doing this for a while now. The team has experience in carrying out


ISO assessments


SOC 2 assessments


PCI DSS assessments


GDPR assessments

Trusted by companies across the world 


End to end Infosec compliance from a single window

Manage multiple security compliance frameworks
using a single dashboard

Access artefacts and controls of numerous frameworks in a single window without working with multiple consultants. The typical artefacts are mapped automatically across the frameworks, so you don't have to go around multiple hidden cybersecurity documents, standards, and controls.

Get the best-fit external auditors

Scrut’s curated network of audit partners ensures that you get the best fit external auditor for your business without having to search in your networks.

Automate cloud infra posturing and vulnerability management

Monitor Infosec controls within your cloud infrastructure across multiple root accounts and multiple cloud service providers. Scrut also lets you monitor common vulnerabilities automatically and supplements it with periodic penetration testing.

Manage a smooth, hassle free audit

Scrut helps orchestrate a smooth audit process without the company having to navigate multiple drive folders, spreadsheets, emails and locally stored documents. Shrink the audit time from weeks to hours.

Don’t worry about keeping track

Don’t worry about manually keeping track of expiry periods of multiple certificates or recurrent periods for 100+ policy and evidence artefacts. Scrut keeps track of these and reminds the relevant users for action when necessary.

Communicate trust to your customers

Scrut makes it easy for companies to communicate their Infosec posture to their customers using an easy-to-build Trust Centre.

All compliance frameworks
at one place

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Manage security assets like financial information, intellectual property, employee details. Build your infosec management system in days, not weeks.

           Fewer incidents, fewer disruptions

           Industry-specific policy packs

·          Gaining competitive advantage


Scrut’s single window dashboard allows you to avoid the manual work of hosting auditors and sprinting over hundreds of documents to prove your SOC 2 compliant. It’s simple, your work is 70% ready as soon as you sign up on Scrut.

              24/7 compliance monitoring

              Report vulnerabilities and
              instructions for configuring 

              Largest network of partner CPAs


Scrut makes it easy for you to connect with your customers and market smarter – Tighten your data privacy and strengthen your position with EU or UK customers.


Manage contract profiles

Ready to use policies and other

Continuous monitoring


You concentrate on your business. Scrut helps in keeping patients’ protected health information (PHI) safe and secure.


Automate PHI handling

Polymorphic encryption

Get HIPAA compliance & tokenization
in days

Fast-track CCPA compliance with simple integrations to remove consumers' sensitive personal data from your environment.

           Advanced data governance

           Ready to use document pack

           Automated monitoring


Fast-track your PCI DSS certification with simple integration and audit with ease.


Secure customer data

Automate your evidence collection

Continuously manage PCI DSS controls


Keep things simple

Keep things simple

Keep things simple

Pricing that scales with your business

Modular pricing that scales as your business grows. Pay only for what you need today to maintain compliance, we’ll enable more features as and when you need them.

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Automated cloud infra monitoring

Scrut saves several weeks of DevOps effort in manually auditing cloud infra for misconfigurations by automatically managing 150+ controls. Even if you have a multi-cloud environment with multiple root accounts, Scrut brings it all in a single dashboard.

Eliminates duplication

Scrut handles all your infosec compliance standards and internal SOPs in a single-window dashboard. Scrut automatically maps the evidence to applicable clauses across multiple standards while eliminating redundant and repetitive tasks .


No jargon, no BS

Scrut breaks down seemingly complicated evidence tasks into very actionable to-dos on the platform so that you spend time managing security and not understanding the jargon.


Customer Spotlight

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With Scrut, Our ISO 27001 audit was simplified, and it happened very quickly since all artefacts were well organised. The Scrut team was instrumental in strengthening our Information Security Practices, through the guidance provided to help us set up the necessary controls.
Scrut has made the compliance 
journey across gap analysis evidence collection audit and post-audit procedure smooth sailing for us,thanks to the platform robustness, the team's expert guidance, and continuous support.
Scrut Automation tool has helped us monitor our vast cloud environment automatically. This has reduced the effort required in manually auditing our environment and monitoring the controls. Managing cloud security compliance has become easier than ever before!
Cofounder at Hotel Superhero
Lead Implementation