SecuriTea Time / Episode #1

Securing the Future: Strategies to Master Cloud Security

featuring Derek Kalles and Glen Willis

We are kicking off our podcast SecuriTea Time with two very special guests – Derek Kalles, the visionary founder of Kalles Group with an extensive background in business and technology consulting, and Glen Willis, a cybersecurity and privacy leader at Kalles Group with over two decades of experience in the technology industry

"As a security service provider, customers often focus on what's new, exciting, and flashy in terms of productivity and vulnerability. However, it's important to recognize that many failures occur due to neglecting the basics. Anchoring leadership to prioritize the fundamentals is essential for improving security posture and creating a strong operational foundation. This allows for advancements in other areas and the potential for significant security enhancements."
-Derek Kalles

"Over the years, we've realized the importance of adopting our own security approach when utilizing any cloud platform or service. It's crucial to align ourselves with the understanding that investing in security is paramount for the success of our programs, projects, and operations. Let's dispel the myth that the cloud is inherently secure, as we still encounter this misconception to some extent. We must acknowledge that we have a responsibility to uphold robust security measures, despite the cloud's capabilities."
-Glen Willis


In this episode of SecuriTea Time, cybersecurity professionals and tech enthusiasts are treated to valuable insights on mastering cloud security strategies. Special guests Derek Kalles and Glen Willis from the renowned cybersecurity consulting firm, Kalles Group, shed light on the challenges of cloud security and the importance of zero trust.

The discussion covers practical strategies for mitigating security breaches and unauthorized access, emphasizing the need to prioritize incident response and disaster recovery planning in the cloud.

The importance of pragmatism in cloud security is highlighted through real-world experiences, stressing the significance of testing for zero-day exploits and aligning security considerations with project timelines.

The episode stresses the importance of focusing on the basics and understanding the direct impact of security on customers to improve overall security posture.

The role of automation in cloud security and the value of investing in automated security processes are also discussed in this exciting conversation.

Whether you want to enhance your organization’s cloud security or expand your infosec knowledge, you don’t want to miss this one! Tune in to gain essential insights from our expert guests.

Highlights from the episode

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