Faster, smoother, smarter vendor risk assessment

Develop a rapid, effective, and efficient method for evaluating, monitoring, and managing your vendor risk. Know how your vendors are doing and whether or not their security postures fit with your compliance needs.

How it works

Upload security questionnaire

Upload your own security questionnaire or use our pre-built template.

Invite vendors

Invite vendors to fill out the security audit questionnaires.

Assess infosec posture

Gain quick insights into your vendors’ compliance and infosec posture.

Share review data

Share vendor review data for compliance and audit purposes.

Streamline vendor compliance checks

Check your vendor’s compliance with the information security requirements your company intends to meet. Send out security surveys, monitor and gather feedback, and spot deviations from a single window.

Streamline vendor compliance checks
Accelerate security reviews

Accelerate security reviews

Put an end to antiquated vendor security evaluation methods. Use Scrut’s prebuilt security questionnaire template or your own custom questionnaire, and invite vendors to respond through an intuitive web-based portal.

Store your vendor management data in one place

Keep all of the certifications, software vendor audits, and paperwork related to vendor security in one location, and share vendors’ responses with customers and auditors seamlessly.

Store your vendor management data in one place
Assess risk for all your vendors

Assess risk for all your vendors

Easily compare vendors to pick the lowest-risk business partner or build a risk security strategy tailored to vendor risk categories.

Key features

Automate vendor audit program

Conduct automated audits to assess vendor risk profile.

Effortless vendor management

Develop individual programs to manage vendors of all risk levels.

Compare vendors and mitigate risks

Compare vendor responses with
intuitive dashboards.

Manage Proof of compliance

Use the console to provide auditors with vendor security reports.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Scrut Vendor Risk?

Through a single window, Scrut gives you the ability to recognize, evaluate, and track vendor risks that your company faces. It expedites the process of evaluating your vendors’ security posture by 70% and assesses whether they comply with your compliance standards.

Why is vendor risk management so important?

Vendor risk management is essential for protecting a company, its customers, and all intellectual data. For an organization to achieve compliance, auditors want it to know how secure its suppliers are. If your vendors don’t have a robust information security posture, it will be challenging for you to adhere to the desired compliance frameworks.

Can I use Scrut Vendor Risk to perform a vendor audit program?

Any vendor, regardless of their level of risk, may be thoroughly evaluated using Scrut Vendor Risk. This involves conducting audits and gathering data through curated pre-built security questionnaires. You can automate the entire audit process by selecting which vendors require security audits and sharing an easy-to-fill web-based form. 

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