Securitea Time / Episode #3

Compliance Beyond the Checkbox: A Fresh Perspective on Auditors and Risk

featuring Beau Butaud

Beau Butaud, Risk and Compliance Manager at Moss Adams and an all-around infosec pro, joins us on the third episode of SecuriTea Time to approach risk and compliance from a calculated angle.

Don’t miss out on his formula for infosec success as he unlocks a vault of invaluable tips to supercharge your risk assessment and compliance efforts.This episode promises to be refreshing, so tune in to reinvigorate your GRC senses!

“What truly matters is understanding why you are obtaining a compliance report in the first place and whether the tests conducted against those claims align with your intended purpose.”

“Having a common control framework does make a lot of sense when you have a big enough security org and you have enough resources. You don't need a thousand people, but you also can't do it with like, you know, because it goes back to that question of like, well, what is your program and owning your controls, owning your compliance program? And to really be successful, the unified control framework, you really have to have a good point of view because it's the getting started part.”

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Get ready to take notes! Beau Butaud reveals the key to an effective compliance program and explains why treating compliance reports as mere checkboxes is not the best idea.

Discover the art of customizinhg compliance based on your organization’s unique requirements. Beau will guide you through the essential questions to consider when crafting your organization’s compliance program.

Uncover how conducting an objective comparison between the complexities of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and frameworks like NIST could shed light on the challenges within each domain.

All this and a treasure trove of knowledge await you in this riveting episode! Don’t miss out – tune in now!

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