Open Positions

Our mission is to make information security and compliance easy and accessible, so that our customers can do what they do best - building softwares that will change the world. 

Personal traits we are looking for 

Are you naturally curious and willing to pick up new skills?

Can you verbalize several proposed solutions for a given problem ? 

Do you get excited about solving interesting problems?

autonomous solution (1).png

Are you earnest to collaborate but defaults to action and can autonomously figure out the solution to a problem?

Do you have deep empathy for the end-user and willing to talk to customers to reach a deep understanding of the problem?

Are you opinionated but enjoy the benefits of being a generalist and not tied down to a specific language, framework, or a particular process?

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If these traits resonate with you - come join our fast growing team in this exciting journey!

Open Positions 

We’re always eager to meet fresh talent. Check out our open positions.