Risk Grustlers / Episode #12

Security: Building a Business Within a business

featuring Aaron Worthman

In this episode of Risk Grustlers, Aaron Worthman, a seasoned leader in the cybersecurity realm, joins us. With over 25 years of experience and currently serving as a Board Member, as well as holding positions as (acting) CIO & CSO at Spire One, Aaron’s career trajectory embodies adaptability and forward-thinking.

Aaron’s journey from hands-on operational roles to strategic leadership positions offers invaluable insights into navigating the complexities of risk management in today’s digital landscape.

"Budgeting with all aspects of security in mind is truly a key requirement."

"By prioritizing collaboration, transparency, and long-term resilience, organizations can effectively safeguard their assets while driving sustainable growth."

"Going beyond technology, we must prioritize the human element at the heart of cybersecurity."

"Having precise numbers is always great, but you need to first have established that rapport with the stakeholders in order for that number to be believed."

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The winding path of growth in risk management involves navigating uncertainties and establishing a baseline for security.

Prepare with us as we delve deep into finding the right balance between allocating resources for immediate needs and investing in long-term resilience for your security program with Aaron Wurthman. 

Through this episode, we’ll also uncover how underspending on security can be a major concern leading to significant cybersecurity catastrophes. Along with this, we decipher how to begin the security journey within a company with a top-five checklist of key considerations.

Tune in now and seize this opportunity to elevate your understanding of risk management in today’s digital age.

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