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Experiences: Unlocking Infosec

Listen to CISOs, CEOs, CTOs, and security experts as they delve into strategies, pathways, and secrets for unlocking information security. Tune into one-on-one conversations tackling the latest trends and insights influencing the future of the industry with us! 

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Episode #1
Davis Hake
Co-Founder of Resilience
Fancy some acronym soup, mate?
Episode #2
Vignesh Kumar
Manager of Security and Privacy at Microsoft
Do Auditors Have Horns?
Episode #3
Walter Haydock
CEO of StackAware
AI With a Pinch of Responsibility
Episode #4
Gary Hunter
Cybersecurity at The Walt Disney Company
Back to Basics: A Crash Course for Experts!
Episode #5
Ross Haleliuk
Head of Product at LimaCharlie
De*Romanticizing the Cybersecurity Complexity
Episode #6
Satya Nayak
Head of Security Engineering & Operations at Outreach
Are You YAFing, Bud?
Episode #7
Renae Martin
senior technical program manage
The Process of Setting Up A Process To Set Up A Process
Episode #8
Jason Leuenberger
Team Coach
A Scoop of Risk, Squishy Not Crunchy!
Episode #9
Akshay Ahuja
Principal - Information Security
The Art of Breaking Into the Security Space
Episode #10
Shashank Karincheti
Senior Manager - Razorpay
The Perks of Automating Audits
Derek Kalles & Glen Willis
Kalles Group
Strategies to Master Cloud Security

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