Risk Grustlers / Episode #6

Are You YAFing, Bud?

featuring Satya Nayak

Satya Nayak, Head of Security Engineering & Operations at Outreach, is joining us for the sixth episode of Risk Grustlers to share what sparked his passion for cybersecurity and give solid advice on leading security teams with finesse. 

Being one of the fastest-growing professionals in the industry, Satya has some incredible tips up his sleeve that will have you see GRC in an entirely new light. 

“Operating from the sidelines won’t cut it. You’ve got to be in the know about what’s happening out there. That’s how you back up your team, manage projects, and make those smart moves.”

"It is important to not smother your team's passion for security under a pile of processes and organizational rules."

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Building a security team, let alone scaling it, is no small feat; there are several layers and factors to consider. In this episode, Satya shares with us his experience of building teams across different environments and some core concerns he makes sure to address. 

Moving along, the conversation also tackles the question of how much growth-stage companies should invest in security, with special attention on the kind of messaging that they should be focusing on first. 

There is a sharp distinction between feeling secure and being secure – an approach that Satya uses to determine which side of the coin a company wishes to fall into. 

If you’re interested in learning the key strategies from an esteemed security professional on how to get your security budget approved, how to keep up with the attackers in the present threat landscape, as well as the know-how on staying up-to-date with the new frameworks, then tune in right now! 

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