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Supercharge business growth for you and your customers with the best-in-class GRC platform.

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Being a part of Scrut’s Partner Network means delivering more value to your customers and levelling up their security game. Scrut works with the whole gamut – technology companies, managed services, consultants, auditors, and guided services – to provide our common customers with a range of offerings meeting their unique requirements.

“Scrut has been instrumental in helping our customers manage every aspect of their regulatory process, with minimal efforts from our side”

“An excellent platform with
stupendous support.”

Iftach Ian Amit, Gomboc AI

“An excellent platform with
stupendous support.”

Iftach Ian Amit, Gomboc AI

Technology Partners

Scrut partners with SaaS companies that build integrations or offer complementary products with Scrut to improve the security posture of customers. With a best-in-class GRC automation platform, Scrut provides the opportunity to tap into a fast-growing market.

Service Partners

Managed services providers, systems integrators, and solution providers can expand their portfolio, improve market access, and build customer trust by including Scrut’s security capabilities in their offerings. Leverage an accelerated sales cycle and exhaustive marketing support to maximize returns.

Auditor Partners

The Scrut platform is designed to help auditors get more done in less time, so they can focus on what really matters – ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the audit. Join Scrut’s Auditor Network to access firms from various industries and geographies and grow your business

Why join the Scrut Partner Network?

Maximize Business Opportunities

Unlock new channels and revenue opportunities by accessing our diverse network of global customers and partners.

Improve Customer Loyalty

Ensure your customers’ success by ensuring they level up their security game and maintain audit-readiness with the best-in-class security and compliance platform

Accelerate Sales Cycle

Deliver value to your customers faster by leveraging a hassle-free onboarding process, extensive content and marketing support, and dedicated sales and enablement support

Flexible Engagement

Scrut offers various partnership opportunities tailored to align with your business needs and strategic objectives. Our partnership programs are founded on trust, guaranteeing transparent pricing and clearly defined terms.

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