Risk Grustlers / Episode #13

Security on a shoestring budget

featuring Kevin Qiu

Kevin Qiu, a seasoned Information Security Professional, joins us on the latest episode of Risk Grustlers to share his journey from Big Four consulting to tech startups, offering invaluable insights on building effective security programs on a limited budget.

Don’t miss Kevin’s practical tips for adapting security infrastructure, managing compliance, and tackling challenges unique to small and medium-sized businesses. Tune in for a masterclass on must do’s when building a security strategy!

“Don’t just buy any tool off the shelf because you need one specific feature. That is how your budget becomes bloated. If you can develop it in-house, if it makes sense to do so, then do that before you go and spend money on it.”

“One common mistake among startups is neglecting to maintain compliance post-certification. Many overlook the continuous monitoring required, leading to frantic efforts to catch up during surveillance audits.”

“Startups often rely heavily on third-party tools. Knowing your vendors is crucial. If a vendor is breached and you didn't even know your team used them, you're in big trouble.”

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In this episode, Kevin offers a unique perspective on the differences in security infrastructure between large enterprises and startups, highlighting the need for adaptability in smaller companies.

Kevin delves into the key areas mid-sized companies should focus on when building an effective security program, emphasizing practical steps and strategic planning. 

He also addresses the common perception that compliance is merely box-ticking, discussing its true value and importance in maintaining robust security.

Tune in to uncover practical tips for building a robust security program in small to medium-sized companies.

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