Scale your security in line with your cloud

 Scan and monitor misconfigurations in public cloud accounts – AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and more. Automatically test your cloud configurations against 150+ CIS benchmarks to maintain a strong infosec posture.

How it works

Connect your cloud platform

Connect Scrut Cloud Security with your cloud platforms through easy-to-use integrations

Customize your controls

Use CIS’s benchmarks preconfigured on the platform or add custom controls to scan your platform

Monitor your cloud security posture

Use Scrut’s intuitive dashboards to keep track of your cloud security posture, misconfigurations, and status of remedial actions

Assign remediation tasks

Drill down to the resource and account level to create and assign remediation tasks and monitor their status

Continuously monitor against CIS benchmarks

Streamline your risk and compliance posture across public cloud accounts. Scrut Cloud Security constantly audits your cloud accounts for security risks, misconfigurations, and control threats across hundreds of configuration settings – to ensure compliance across 150+ Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks controls, enabling consistent and unified multi-cloud security.

Continuously monitor against CIS benchmarks
Fix cloud misconfigurations preemptively

Fix cloud misconfigurations preemptively

Scrut Cloud Security ensures your public cloud accounts are always compliant. Identify misconfigurations and delegate tasks to internal teammates for required fixes. Receive comprehensive, actionable advice and alerts on Scrut through your collaboration platforms.

Strengthen your cloud-native security

Establish full-stack security for all your cloud-native deployments across VMs, containers, and serverless by implementing best-practice security policies consistently across your hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure.

Strengthen your cloud-native security

Key features

Effortless integration across your multi-cloud infrastructure

Connect Scrut Cloud Security with your cloud accounts – AWS, Azure, GCP, and more, in less than 10 minutes with pre-built integrations.

Automated cloud scanning and reports across 150+ CIS controls

Get misconfigurations across hybrid and multi-cloud environments detected at the resource and account level so you know the exact actionable without navigating fluff.

Intuitive dashboards for managing cloud security

Stay on top of your cloud misconfigurations via centralized dashboards, with automated classification for danger, warning, and secure configurations.

Jira integrations for managing the DevOps pipeline

Create Jira tickets straight from the Scrut platform for misconfigurations, and add that to the assignees’ pipeline.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Cloud Security do?

Scrut’s Cloud Security provides you with complete control over your cloud environment. Within minutes, you can connect your entire cloud infrastructure across AWS, Azure, GCP, and others to the Scrut platform. Scrut Cloud Security continually scans your cloud infrastructure across multiple clouds and root accounts against 150+ CIS benchmarks to identify misconfigurations, with easily automated workflows for correcting when they arise. Scrut Cloud Security is an instrumental tool in managing your organization’s security posture. It also enables you to customize your security controls by adding custom controls to scan. 

What are the benefits of using Cloud Security?

The platform is beneficial for keeping track of your cloud misconfigurations through centralized dashboards. It also issues automated classification for danger, warning, and safe configurations to keep you updated on vulnerabilities and close compliance gaps. The platform is structured to help you ensure that your cloud infrastructure is compliant 24X7.

How does Cloud Security help me build cloud-native and risk security?

Cloud Security provides consistent policies you can apply across all your cloud-native deployments. It combines cloud workload protection for VMs, containers, and serverless, with cloud infrastructure best practices for full-stack security. It strengthens your risk posture through continuous cloud security monitoring. 

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