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Cybersecurity is a complex and constantly evolving field, with new threats emerging […]

Cybersecurity is rapidly becoming a critical concern for organizations around the world.  […]

Scrut recently organized a conference with some of the brightest cyber minds […]

With the rise of digitization, organizations are rapidly shifting towards cloud-based software, […]

Today, nearly all organizations depend on connected devices and cyber assets in […]

Security, especially in the current digital environment, is ever-changing – primarily because […]

Cybersecurity is not just about protecting your cyber assets, it’s way beyond […]

If you’re familiar with the information security domain, chances are you have […]

California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) is an expansion of the existing California […]

The G2 Winter 2023 awards are out, and we are ecstatic to […]

The Ministry of Electronics and IT introduced a new data protection bill […]

Prologue Hello! If you’ve stumbled upon this note, you are perhaps looking […]