Make employees your information security champions

Implement company-wide employee awareness training to reduce risk and strengthen internal security 

How it works

Connect with your employee directory

Start the awareness training program by connecting your employee directory on the dashboard.

Select training program

Use as is, or customize the training program required for employees directly from the dashboard.

Automate reminders for completion

Create alerts, set reminders, and set personalized notifications for employees to complete the training.

Track progress on awareness training

Eliminate the manual effort required in keeping track of progress by using the automated dashboard.

Focus on operations while we train your employees

Automate employee infosec training – with a prebuilt 30 min course on information security built by industry experts. With Scrut, your employees get equipped with everything they need to understand potential risks, avoid slippages and build a secure posture.

Focus on operations while we train your employees
Track awareness through a single window

Track awareness through a single window

With Scrut, your employees can easily review policies, review notifications, and acknowledge security procedures in one place. Keep track of the status of the training completion and employee acknowledgment through an easy-to-use dashboard.

Develop accountability in your employees

According to a Verizon study, up to 91% of successful cyberattacks start with a lack of employee understanding. With Scrut, you construct an environment that nurtures and supports accountability for the security of the data that travels to and from the organization through the employees.

Develop accountability in your employees
Enable quick learning on information security

Enable quick learning on information security

Scrut acts as a central library for everything you need to learn about information security – exhaustive security awareness documents, recorded sessions, and automated policy assignments to help your employees learn quickly without sacrificing quality.

Employee information security awareness assessments

Take the guesswork out of monitoring and use routine evaluations to measure the state of your company’s information security culture. With Scrut, you can quickly grade and monitor your employees’ awareness performance through quizzes and tests. Configurable minimum score thresholds guarantee that your employees are informed and prepared to handle threats.

employee awareness training

Key features

Seamless employee security training

Security training documents and sessions to seamlessly educate employees about the organization’s security standards and requirements.

Automated monitoring and notifications

Track the status of review completions, set reset dates, and send reminders with just a few clicks.

Performance assessments and scoring

Conduct assessments with configurable minimum scores to ensure all employees are infosec champions.

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Frequently asked questions

What do you mean by awareness training?

The awareness training is to educate users and staff members about their part in preventing data breaches. Employees who receive emails and use the internet are given awareness training to help them understand risks and spot potential attacks. Employees who participate in awareness training are also taught the best ways to reduce risk.

Why is awareness training important for the security posture of the organization?

Research shows that human error accounts for over 90% of all security breaches. This can significantly reduce by introducing Security awareness training which addresses common mistakes employees make that can leave an organization vulnerable to such incidents.

What does security awareness training entail?

Security awareness training focuses on the various ways in which attackers may attempt to breach an organization’s security and how employees can play a significant role in stopping attacks and protecting the organization. Security awareness training also comprehensively covers the best practices for using email and the internet.

How frequently should security awareness training be provided?

The frequency of training varies throughout organizations, but the common practice it to conduct the training upon hire with annual retraining. 

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