Make continuous risk and compliance management
a reality

Scrut smartGRC™ offers a quicker, simpler, and smarter route to compliance by doing away with tiresome manual procedures, and keeping you informed on the development and efficacy of your programs.

How it works

Create controls that talk to your risks

Create controls in line with your risks, define custom controls to reflect your company’s unique needs, and utilize pre-built control mapping to map them against your needed compliance frameworks.

Focus only on what matters

The platform identifies open hazards and critical issues and gives a single tracker to monitor what needs to be corrected and helps you assign and track activities - all in one window.

Stay updated with your compliance posture

Integrate your preferred messaging services and/or email providers to receive alerts and notifications so you can stay on top of what needs to be fixed.

Fasttrack audits with auditor collaboration

Invite auditors to the platform to manage the full audit process in real time; eliminate email and drive folders back and forth.

Use the pre-built policy library to get started quickly

Struggling to start with your information security program? Worry no more – smartGRC™ provides you with prebuilt policies vetted by industry experts, and aligned with popular industry frameworks. Make these truly your own with the built-in inline editor, to customize these policies to your unique business needs.
Use the pre-built policy library to get started quickly
Establish continuous compliance with 20+ compliance frameworks

Establish continuous compliance with 20+ compliance frameworks

With smartGRC™, you get the visibility you need to comprehend the status, efficacy, and impact of your information security activities on your compliance posture. smartGRC™ establishes a single source of truth for all infosec tasks and artefacts, enabling you to close compliance gaps in real time and staying compliant 24X7.

Automatically collect evidence using 70+ integrations

With the help of pre-built integrations, slash the effort in gathering evidence. smartGRC™ automatically collects evidence across 70+ integrations and addresses the most concerning vulnerabilities. Maintain your rules, processes, controls, evidence and documentation on a single platform to ease compliance audits.
Automatically collect evidence using 70+ integrations
Automate tasks, manage workflows and send reminders

Automate tasks, manage workflows and send reminders

Stay updated on the latest status of each task by assigning them to team members and tracking them on Scrut. Easily collaborate with your internal team by automatically assigning tasks using workflows, monitoring them and sending reminders for pending tasks.

Automate your audit readiness

smartGRC™ automates and streamlines the onerous tasks linked to audits, from preparation to analysis. Reduce the manual effort by upto 75%, increase accountability and pace of infosec task completion, and collaborate effectively with your auditors – all through one single window.
Automate your audit readiness
Smooth audit with auditor collaboration

Smooth audit with auditor collaboration

With smartGRC™, you are in charge; create audit projects and manage access in just a few clicks. Invite auditors on the platform, and manage multiple complex audits simultaneously, and hassle-free.

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Key features

Pre-built policies mapped to compliance frameworks

Get started on your infosec program – use existing policies or leverage the policy library mapped to frameworks like SOC 2, ISO 27001, and more.

Task and workflow

Stay on top of your infosec posture – automated workflows to create, assign and monitor tasks, along with automated alerts and notifications.

Seamless collaboration with auditors

Simplify audits – invite auditors directly on the platform, share artefacts, and monitor status, for quicker and seamless audits.

Automated evidence

Reduce the manual effort in collecting thousands of evidence artefacts through automated evidence collection across 70+ integrations across mapped controls.

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Frequently asked questions

How can smartGRC™ help me fast-track my compliance?

smartGRC™ is a single window for all compliance-related tasks. With a library of 50+ policies built and vetted by our in-house infosec experts, you can start building your compliance program in minutes. smartGRC™ integrates across your landscape to automate evidence collection and enables you to create, assign and monitor tasks for compliance requirements. The in-built mapping to all popular infosec frameworks helps you control your compliance posture hassle-free.

What frameworks can I manage from the Scrut smartGRC™ platform?

smartGRC™ is a true single-window experience for compliance with multiple infosec frameworks. You can map your custom controls with pre-build controls mapped with internationally recognized frameworks. Some of the frameworks that the Scrut smartGRC™ platform supports include, but are not limited to: SOC 2, SOC 3, ISO 27001, ISO 27701, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, ISO 22301, ISO 20000-1, GDPR, HIPAA, FERPA, HiTrust, FedRamp, CMMC, CCPA, PCI DSS, CSA Star, CMMI – DEV, CMMI – SVC, GLB, NIST 800 171.

How do I get auditors for the report on the platform?

Invite auditors to the platform and grant them access so they can finish the audit process. You control who has access to the platform. We have also established a network of pre-screened auditors and VAPT consultants who will be available to you if necessary in order to streamline the audit procedure and help you at every step of your compliance journey.