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sales cycle

Simplify security reviews and close deals faster
with a self-serve trust window for prospects

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Picture this – You’ve almost got that solid $100k deal, after months of aligning buyers, proving value, and drafting up terms.

Just as you approach closure, those brutal IT security reviews swoop in, slamming the brakes on your win for the next few months.

The anticipation turns to frustration, and your quarterly quota slips through your fingers. It’s a battle you didn’t need.

But here’s the thing: amidst this mess, there’s a shot at flipping the script. Don’t let delays control your sales outcome.

Let’s turn setbacks into setups for bigger wins. Your success deserves a better playbook – one that includes TrustBridge.

Share live and updated security documentation from day 1 with TrustBridge’s one-click interface.

Fast-track your prospect’s due diligence with KAI’s automated responses extracted from your controls.



Display a custom gated security page showcasing your security controls, policies, certifications, artefacts, and more.



Field access requests to second degree information on your policies, controls, sub-processors right from the platform.



Identify your prospects’ top concerns from trust page analytics and carry out a smooth deal cycle.



Use Kai to generate accurate and updated responses to complex security questionnaires from your current control structure. 6 minutes is all it takes to answer 100 questions.

Build trust into a
competitive advantage

Streamline sales processes with security

Everything you need to face customer due diligence

Privileged Access

Real-time Security

Automated sub-processor Updates

Customized Site Integration

Enterprise Authentication

Actionable Dashboard

NDA-backed Access

Questionnaire Response Automation

Audit Logs

Searchable Knowledge Base

Brought to you from a platform that aces
compliance and how

Be Future-ready with a Robust Risk and Security postureSingle Platform. Single Interface. Single Invoice!Reduction in Manual Efforts by 70%Industry-best Resources and Partners in Network
Continuous cloud
No more switching
Automated evidence gatheringBroad network of auditors and pentesters
200+ controls mapped to CIS benchmarksSave 100's of hours in redesigning controls75+ integrationsPre-negotiated rates and guaranteed SLA's
In-built security
Easily manage multiple stakeholders45+ pre-built
In-house compliance
Dynamic Risk RegisterManage artefacts with easeAccess to Scrut's proprietary implementation playbook

Reduce to-and-fro with your GRC
and engineering teams & get to yes faster


Can TrustBridge be visually aligned with your unique brand guidelines?

Yes; also dark mode is coming soon!

How long would it take to fill up lengthy questionnaires with 100’s of questions?

While smaller questionnaires are answered in minutes, significantly lengthy questionnaires can average around 2 hours.

Is there a way to track and segment multiple stakeholder requests coming from one company?

Separate access requests are raised for every single person so you have full visibility over who wants to view what.

What is the longest time that access can be granted to anyone?

Maximum 30 days.

Will KAI ever give me generic responses from the internet like ChatGPT?

Never- it just scans your policies and documentation uploaded on the platform.

What happens if I changed my policies a while back and just got a new questionnaire?

KAI keeps updating its indexes every few hours from your environment to extract the latest relevant information.

What kind of second degree information can be shared via TrustBridge?

Some examples – evidences of compliances, audit logs, description of how you comply with controls, etc.

Security is Scrut’s first priority

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available 24x7

Scrut’s platform is
rapidly evolving

Trusted globally and
is here to stay

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