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Introducing Scrut ReguSense

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The Indian Fintech industry is a fast-paced and dynamic sector, but with innovation comes increased regulation. The multitude of regulatory bodies and their complex requirements can be a nightmare. At Scrut Automation, we know the struggle is real. 

That’s why we created our ReguSense – the one-stop-shop for all your compliance needs. ReguSense acts as a lens that brings clarity to the complex regulatory landscape, making it easier for Indian fintech to navigate complex compliance requirements.

With ReguSense, you can manage multiple regulations with ease, even those from local regulators like RBI, SEBI, IRDA, CICRA, and global mandates like ISO 27001, SOC 2, GDPR. Say goodbye to compliance headaches and hello to hassle-free compliance with Scrut Automation.

25+ frameworks on one platform


ISO 27001





SEBI Cyber Security Audit

SEBI (Cyber Security & Cyber Resilience Framework)

(SAR Tokenization)

(SAR Data Localisation)

(SAR Prepaid Payment Instruments)

(SAR Payment Aggregator and Payment Gateways)

What do you get with ReguSense?

Coverage across all
major compliance frameworks

White-glove support for
control design and

Continuous control
monitoring, with 70%
less effort

100% successful
audits, at 5X speed guaranteed!

Trusted by leading fintech companies

“GRC Platform for Fintech regulatory compliance”

Strengthening our security measures in line with best-in-class regulatory compliance was one of the wisest decisions for Cashfree, one that we could achieve thanks to the innovative and easy-to-navigate Scrut’s Platform.

Shubham Kumar

Recognized as a G2 Leader in multiple Security and Compliance categories.

Indian Fintech companies are increasingly
choosing Scrut Platform for compliance needs

A battle-tested playbook, and a
planned roadmap for all compliance requirements on day 1

Platform implementation in less than 48 hours, along with all necessary integrations

Built for the Indian Fintech community,
with coverage across all major frameworks,
including RBI SAR reports

Single window for end-to-end compliance management – Automated evidence collection, live hand-holding, 100% framework coverage

Pre-built controls to address regulatory mandates

Painlessly adhere to RBI, CICRA, IRDA, SEBI regulations

“Exceptional Guidance and Support”

The Scrut team seamlessly functioned as an extension of our own security team, providing expert guidance on process and policy implementation, vulnerability identification, and proactive risk management.
Ujjwal Sinha
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Only security compliance automation platform with 100% 5-Star reviews on G2

Scrut is the platform of choice for
compliance automation!

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