The Best Sprinto Alternative:
Take a Security First Approach to Compliance

Streamline your security processes, and get compliant in a faster, tighter, simpler manner. Scrut gets everything you need for compliance in one single window, simultaneously reducing your TCO and the time to get compliant, significantly! But most importantly, Scrut is a security platform that scales with you, by building native capabilities right out of the box.

Scrut is not just another compliance automation
platform, it secures you for the future!

Be Future-ready with a Robust Riskand Security posture

Continuous cloud monitoring across 200+ controls covering CIS benchmarks mapped to industry leading frameworks, in-built security trainings, and a dynamic risk register.

Single Platform. Single Interface. Single Invoice!

Hundreds of hours saved from being ineffectively spent on switching screens, elementary workflows, redesigning controls, and managing multiple stakeholders.

Reduction in Manual Efforts by 70%

Automated evidence gathering across 75+ integrations, policy builder with 45+ pre-built templates and built-in workflows to eliminate manual tasks and manage artifacts with ease.

Industry-best Resources and Partners in Network

Access to Scrut’s proprietary implementation playbook, in-house compliance experts, and broad network of auditors and pentesters at pre-negotiated rates and guaranteed SLAs.

“Fast-track Audit Process”

Scrut Automation came in fully charged with extensive knowledge and automation tools which allowed us to fast-track the audit process, leading us to complete the certification without a hitch.

Jason Bosco
CEO, TypeSense

Recognized as a G2 Leader in multiple Security and Compliance categories.

4 aspects where the Scrut platform
outshines Sprinto’s platform

Ease of Use


Speed  to Market


Don't take our word for it!

Here’s what our reviewers on G2 have to say, Scrut has a rating of

in Ease of use over
9.4 for Sprinto

in Ease of setup
over 9.3 for Sprinto

in Quality of Support
over 9.7 for Sprinto

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All-in-One Platform for your Security and Compliance Needs

Scrut is your reliable security partner to reduce total cost of ownership, fasttrack
your businessgrowth, and relieve your engineering teams’ bandwidth

This is why cloud companies are
making a switch from Sprinto to Scrut

A planned roadmap for all compliance
engagements that directly translates
to Faster Customer Acquisition

Establishment of comprehensive
cloud controls and an Intelligent
Security Posture from Day 1

Everything you need for compliance,
from automation to external
resources, in one single window, for
lower Total Cost of Ownership

Native security features allowing
easy addition of multi-
cloud, multi-root account environments for
Painless Security Scalability

Quick and easy extension of
your compliance with new
standards and frameworks for
Faster Entry to New Markets

“Exceptional Guidance and Support”

The Scrut team seamlessly functioned as an extension of our own security team, providing expert guidance on process and policy implementation, vulnerability identification, and proactive risk management.

Ujjwal S
DPO, Nova Benefits

Recognized as a G2 Leader in multiple Security and Compliance categories.

83 G2 badges across Cloud
Security, Cloud automation
and Security Compliance

Scrut is the platform of choice for
compliance automation!

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