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Scrut is your compliance wingman, offering VAPT, auditors, and automation in one cost-effective package. Say goodbye to budget constraints, manual tasks, tangled audits, or point-in-time fixes. Scrut’s smartGRC tool not just solves your compliance problems of today but also turbocharges your security program for tomorrow

Key advantages that makes compliance management with Scrut

more than checkboxes

Prioritize Critical Risks

Empower teams to effortlessly monitor, prioritize, and address risks using a flexible risk register, task tracker, and custom reporting.

Monitor control

Automate evidence collection from 75+ integrations, revealing vital gaps. For the rest, leverage Scrut’s pre-built workflows or build your own automation to review policies, upload evidence, and validate risks.

Deliver Crucial Insights
to Leadership

Use dynamic dashboards and tailor-made reports to offer real-time visibility into your team’s progress and showcase the evolving risk and compliance status.

Navigate audits
with ease

Eliminate audit fatigue and achieve faster, error-free audits. Collaborate seamlessly with auditors – share evidence artifacts and address findings, without leaving the platform.

Compliance is changing, so should your GRC program management

With Scrut’s smartGRC, compliance is not just a
checkbox; it's your growth accelerator."

Compliance slowing you down?

Don’t sweat it! If product development is on pause due to compliance, let Scrut hit the play button and keep the innovation rolling.

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    Optimized workflows connecting all teams and external tools
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    Centralized controls pre-mapped to risks, evidences, and frameworks
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    Actionable insights and reports to take corrective actions quickly

Too many tools, too many initiatives?

Do more with less. Circumvent the need of add-on tools with Scrut’s one-stop solution.

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    Dedicated trust page customized to your company’s brand for sharing with your partners and customers
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    Dedicated people management module to run ISMS training campaigns on all or custom cohorts
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    AI-based module,Kai that automates responses to security questionnaires for improved sales cycle

One platform for all your security needs

Scrut is purpose-built for modern cloud companies. Unify multiple frameworks, risks, vendors, and audits in one place. Optimize critical workflows from start to finish.

Why Choose Scrut over Hyperproof

Does not include all modules. Does not include VAPT or auditor price Price is per framework basis
Implementation takes 6-8 weeks
Rigid Risk Scoring Mechanism
Scoring mechanism is rigid and cannot be tailored to your organization’s context. Fixed formula of Likelihood X Impact
No Support for Filling Vendor Questionnaires
No such feature
Trust Vault
Does not have a trust vault
ISMS Module
No such feature
Action Tracker Limited to Test Findings
HP doesn’t have a common view for issues from different modules, forcing you to switch screens and keep track of all actions off the platform
Status Reports
No such feature
All GRC modules are included VAPT and Auditor pricing included in package Fixed pricing
Using our United Control Framework, and extensive customer support, we get you up and running in 4 weeks
Custom Risk Scoring for your specific needs
Add more parameters other than likelihood or impact. Use more operators such as power - division (/) ,etc.
Automated Security Questionnaire Responses
One of Scrut’s celebrated features is an AI based module, called Kai, that automates responses to the lengthy and tedious security questionnaires that you receive
Trust Vault
A highly customizable trust page available for your customers, partners. You can share compliance certificates, reports, or control documentation with NDA-based access right from the platform
ISMS Module
Employee security awareness managed from in-built module at no extra cost
Centralized Corrective Action Tracker
Scrut CAT provides a centralized place to track and resolve all actions necessary whenever an issue is identified through tests, audits, inspections, or other monitoring activities
Custom Real-Time Reports
Deliver crucial insights to your leadership with real-time, downloadable, and shareable cloud summary reports and compliance status reports

Customer Reviews

Our customers have rated Scrut 5/5 on G2 (576 reviews) as opposed to 4.6 rating of Hyperproof (78 reviews only) Below is a direct comparison of ratings from G2


Meets Requirements


Ease of Use


Ease of Setup


Ease of Admin


Quality of Support


Has the product been a good partner in doing business?


Product Direction (% positive)


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Get faster implementation, more advanced features, and real-time insights - at a better ROI

Our G2 awards speak for itself​

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Why are customers choosing Scrut today

No Extra Tools
with Scrut

ZERO hidden costs, no unnecessary upsells. Avoid spending on additional tools. Scrut has native capabilities for enterprise grade CSPM, risk management, vendor management, and container scanning

Break free from
siloed management

Manage everything from cloud risk assessments, control reviews, employee policy attestations, and vendor risk through a single platform. Identify compliance gaps so you can focus on what to fix

Shift focus from
compliance to controls

Continuous cloud monitoring across 200+ controls covering CIS benchmarks mapped to industry leading frameworks, in-built security trainings, and an actionable risk register

The Scrut team seamlessly functioned as an extension of our own security team, providing expert guidance on process and policy implementation, vulnerability identification, and proactive risk management.

Ujjwal Sinha, Nova Benefits

Group 1319

Hit the ground running with pre-built templates

Set it and forget it: Automation at its finest

without breaking a sweat

Answers to leadership, ready at your fingertips!

Scaling your security program, made easier.​

See Scrut in action!