The GRC Platform Built for Modern Organizations

Say goodbye to

  • A GRC program built on spreadsheets
  • Rigid GRC tools which act like glorified google drives
  • Endless hours of evidence collection

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tool in the space"

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Discover a Modern GRC approach

Say Goodbye to Tough Choices

Stuck in the dilemma between juggling endless spreadsheets and rigid, expensive GRC tools?

No more losing battles.

Clear the Framework Clutter

Compliance wins deals, but compliance with endless frameworks creates inefficiencies.

Not anymore.

Real Support

6 month implementation, never-ending customizations, still leading to shelfware?

That's history.

Compliance is changing, so should
your GRC program management!

Eliminate friction throughout your security program

Prioritize Critical Risks

Empower teams to effortlessly gather, prioritize, monitor, and address risks using an intuitive and flexible risk register, task tracker, and transparent reporting.

Eliminate repetitive tasks

Leverage Scrut’s proprietary Unified Control Framework to remove redundant efforts within your controls. With Scrut, you create a control just once and ensure compliance across all your frameworks.

Tailor GRC for all units

Scale your GRC program effortlessly, by creating different compliance workspaces for product lines, entities or business units, while retaining the benefits of shared vendors, assets, personnel, and more.

Monitor control effectiveness

Automate evidence collection from 75+ integrations, revealing vital gaps. For the rest, leverage Scrut’s pre-built workflows or build your own automation to review policies, upload evidence, and validate risks.

Navigate audits with ease​

Eliminate audit fatigue and achieve faster, error-free audits. Collaborate seamlessly with auditors – share evidence artifacts and address findings, without leaving the platform.

Deliver Crucial Insights to Leadership

Utilize dynamic dashboards and tailor-made reports to offer real-time visibility into your team’s progress and showcase the evolving risk and compliance status.

Automate Security Questionnaire Responses

Break free from endless, Lengthy security questionnaires. Respond to arduous questionnaires within a few clicks with Kai, Scrut’s control copilot.

Lean on our Experts

From design to audit, we’re with you all the way. Count on our constant support through program setup, gap remediation and audit assistance.

"Scrut streamlined our GRC processes, allowing us to focus on strategic security inititiatives"

Usher in a new era of
frictionless GRC programs

One platform, endless possibilities

With Scrut, you can cut through the acronym soup.
Scrut helps you streamline control effectiveness, automate evidence collection, and demonstrate compliance.

ISO 27001


NIST SP 800-53

Microsoft SSPA



NIST SP 800-171



ISO 27018


ISO 27017



CIS Critical Security Controls

ISO 22301






Navigate compliance effortlessly,
from start to audit

Step 1


Assess your risks and devise a robust security strategy, leveraging Scrut's flexible scoring mechansims and vast template library.


Select from 600+ auditor-tested controls to minimize risks, or swiftly create custom controls to fit your needs.

Step 2

Step 3


Monitor control effectiveness with automated evidence validation. Keep track of evidence tasks to ensure timely fixes.


Get compliant swiftly by collaborating with auditors to share framework-specific proof of compliance and address findings.

Step 4

No fluff, Real ROI

Save 750+ hours in manual effort

Get visibility across 100% of your controls

Reduce audit-readiness effort by 70%

Scrut's GRC platform helped us to stay up-to-date with ever-changing compliance requirements

Scrut is a valuable asset for our organization, as it helps us stay on top of our GRC obligations.

Compliance truly comes to a single window with Scrut - it reduced a lot of to-and-fro with ten different apps used by our business.

Through real-time insights, Scrut empowers informed decision-making at all levels of our company.

Scrut provides a clear overview of all risk and compliance activities, making it easy to monitor and address any potential issues.

Time to upgrade your GRC program.

Get started today. Explore why hundreds of customers trust Scrut to manage their security and compliance programs

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