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Scrut shines once again with 6 Momentum Leader Awards and 179 Badges in G2’s Summer 2024 Report

G2 season is back, and we’re excited to announce that we’ve brought home a whopping 179 badges! G2’s Summer 2024 Report has recognized us as Momentum Leaders in 6 key security and compliance categories and we could not be more excited.

G2 is the leading platform for customers to discover, compare, and review tech solutions that cater to their specific needs. To be recognized by them is an honor we don’t take lightly.

This achievement would not be possible without the unwavering support of our amazing customers. Your trust and feedback inspire us to continuously strive for excellence.

Read on to explore the badges we received in this season’s G2 report.

Leading the way with 6 Momentum Leader Badges

We are thrilled to be named a Momentum Leader in six categories!

Our customers have recognized our dedication to enhancing Security Compliance, Cloud Compliance, and Cloud Security Posture Management, among many other categories.

We remain committed to delivering top-notch services and products that elevate the information security of our clients.

Standing tall with 8 Leader badges 

We’re honored to be named a leader in six categories across various business sizes, including small and midmarket companies. 

At Scrut, we customize our services to meet the unique needs of each client, and it brings us great joy to see our efforts being recognized.

Global Recognition with 9 Leader Badges

We are proud to be recognized as Regional Leaders by G2, reflecting our commitment to serving companies worldwide.

This honor spurs us to open new avenues to expand our impact.

Receiving nine Regional Leader badges across four key categories—Cloud Compliance, Security Compliance, Cloud Security Posture Management, and Audit Management—motivates us to keep advancing and delivering excellence.

Soaring with 40 High Performer badges 

We are ecstatic to have earned 40 High Performer badges in G2’s Summer 2024 Report!

This recognition across ten categories, including Cloud Compliance, Cloud Security, Cloud Security Posture Management, and more, inspires us to keep delivering outstanding products and services to our customers.

We look forward to continuing this momentum and achieving even greater heights together.

Notable badges that we earned

This report underscores one clear message: our customers deeply appreciate our products and the support we provide. We are proud recipients of eight Best Relationship badges, six Users Most Likely to Recommend badges, and four Most Implementable badges, among others.

Acing Governance, Risk, and Compliance with 4 Badges

We’re thrilled to be recognized as a Leader in Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC). Our platform simplifies and accelerates compliance and risk monitoring, making it easier for our customers to stay on top of their obligations.

We were also ranked number 1 in User Satisfaction in GRC! Seeing our customers benefit from our solutions is incredibly rewarding. 

We’re committed to continuous innovation to ensure that our platform remains the ideal choice for managing GRC efficiently and effectively.

Strengthening Security Compliance with 11 Badges

Security Compliance is our forte, and being acknowledged as both a Momentum Leader and Leader in the category has us beaming with gratitude.

We are also honored to be ranked number 1 in Competitive Pricing in Security Compliance. 

We will continue to set new standards in Cloud Compliance while making it accessible and affordable to companies around the world.

Boosting Cloud Compliance with 33 Badges

Ensuring your cloud architecture meets compliance standards is crucial to us, and earning 33 badges in this area highlights our strong commitment.

We were also ranked number 1 in Ease of Use in Cloud Compliance.

We’re dedicated to making security compliance practical for our customers, and it’s rewarding to see them benefit from our efforts.

Enhancing Cloud Security with 18 badges

We’re absolutely thrilled to be named a leader in Cloud Security! Making sure organizations using multi-cloud solutions stay secure is a big part of what we do, and winning 18 badges shows that our customers value our efforts.

Getting recognized as a leader across different regions in this category motivates us to work even harder to boost the cloud security of our customers.

Elevating Cloud Security Posture Management with 27 badges

Earning the Momentum Leader badge in Cloud Security Posture Management solidifies our platform as a vigilant guardian, leaving no vulnerability unchecked!

We’re intensifying our efforts to advance cloud security posture management. Our aim? To fortify our customers with a more robust and resilient defense against emerging threats.

Reinforcing IT Risk Management with 20 Badges

We’re delighted to achieve 20 badges for our efforts in enhancing IT Risk Management!

Earning a Momentum Leader badge in this category is a significant honor, highlighting our dedication to proactive risk mitigation and ensuring robust security measures. This recognition motivates us to continue innovating and delivering top-tier solutions that safeguard our clients’ assets effectively.

Honing Policy Management with 21 badges

We’re excited to have won 21 badges for our work in Policy Management!

Earning the Momentum Leader badge in this category is a big win for us. It shows our dedication to creating effective policies that meet regulations and improve organizational governance. 

Bolstering Third Party and Supplier Risk Management with 11 Badges

At Scrut, we take third-party and supplier risk management very seriously, and we are glad our customers have recognized our efforts.

Our commitment remains steadfast in ensuring secure third-party relationships to help our clients advance securely in their businesses.

Redefining Vendor Security and Privacy Assessment with 11 Badges

To be recognized as a Momentum Leader in Vendor Security and Privacy Assessment fills us with pride and motivation!

Count on us to continually enhance vendor security and privacy assessment, fostering stronger relationships between our customers and their vendors.

Optimizing Audit Management with 19 Badges

Enhancing Audit Management is one of our biggest priorities, and we’re grateful to be recognized as a mid-market leader in this field. Earning 19 badges in this area highlights our commitment to providing strong solutions that streamline and enhance the audit process for our clients.

Breaking new ground. Reaching new heights.

At Scrut, we believe in constantly innovating to meet the growing needs of our expanding clientele.

As we continue to soar to new heights, we take this chance to thank our customers, who are the wind beneath our wings!

If you would like to check out reviews of our products and services, be sure to click here.

You can also schedule a demo with us today to learn how we can help your organization stay continuously compliant and risk-aware.

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