Scrut Receives 38 Badges In The G2 Fall 2022 Awards

Vector Representation of multiple badges that Scrut has received in the G2 Fall 2022 Awards
Scrut performs exceptionally in the G2 Fall 2022 Awards with total 38 badges

It brings us immense pleasure to announce that Scrut has been awarded 38 badges in the recently released G2 Fall 2022 Awards - an outstanding achievement since our inception last year.

G2 has established itself as the world’s largest marketplace for IT and software companies, where consumers and businesses can discover, compare and review technological solutions as per their needs. As a real-time risk monitoring and compliance automation platform, Scrut is thrilled to have been recognized as a high performer in the industry by one of the most prestigious marketplaces.

These badges - which are awarded after undergoing a moderating process of unbiased user reviews - come as a testament to the relentless determination we at Scrut put to bringing our customers the most seamless experience in monitoring risk while complying with reputed industry information security standards.

We are incredibly proud and grateful to our customers to have been awarded in over four categories, including Cloud Security, Cloud Compliance, Security Compliance, and Data Subject Access Request.

Paving The Way In Cloud Security With 22 Badges

Scrut has left no stone unturned in establishing its Cloud Security product as a leader among industry competitors. Feedback from users demonstrates that our efforts have been monumental in helping them flag down misconfiguration issues across their cloud infrastructure. Our platform is easily accessible with no complicated installations, quick navigation, and out-of-the-box integrations for AWS, Azure, GCP, and other prominent cloud service providers.

  1. Best Estimated Return On Investment (ROI)

  2. Best Estimated Return On Investment (ROI) - Mid Market

  3. Best Meets Requirements

  4. Best Meets Requirements - Mid Market

  5. Best Meets Requirements - Small Business

  6. Best Results

  7. Best Support - Mid Market

  8. Best Quality Of Support

  9. Best Support - Small Business

  10. Best Usability

  11. Best Usability - Mid Market

  12. Easiest Admin - Mid Market

  13. Easiest Set Up - Mid Market

  14. Easiest Set Up - Small Business

  15. Easiest To Do Business With - Mid Market

  16. Fastest Implementation

  17. Fastest Implementation - Mid Market

  18. High Performer Fall 2022

  19. High Performer - Mid Market

  20. High Performer - Small Business

  21. Users Most Likely To Recommend

  22. Users Most Likely To Recommend - Mid Market

22 Badges in Cloud Security
Scrut Received 22 Badges in Cloud Security in G2 Fall 2022 Awards

Putting The Best Foot Forward With 7 Security Compliance Badges

Following our positive recognition in Cloud Security, achieving 7 Security Compliance badges brings forth a sense of accomplishment for our infosec team, who has been tirelessly working with customers to establish the best security practices as part of the compliance procedure. Scrut provides organizations with an end-to-end management platform to comply with the best industry information security frameworks.

  1. High Performer Fall 2022

  2. Easiest Set Up

  3. Best Estimated Return On Investment

  4. Easiest Administration

  5. Users Most Likely To Recommend

  6. Fastest Implementation

  7. Best Meets Requirements

7 Badges in Security Compliance
Scrut Received 7 Badges in Security Compliance in G2 Fall 2022 Awards

7 Data Subject Access Request Badges For Making Compliance Easy

Data security has been a key element for organizations complying with leading industry security standards. Scrut has been extending support to organizations through our modern compliance tools to make managing data access requests easier. Receiving 7 badges in the category of Data Subject Access Request goes one step further in strengthening our resolve to put customers first.

  1. Highest User Adoption

  2. Best Support

  3. Easiest Admin

  4. Best Meets Requirements

  5. Fastest Implementation

  6. Easiest Set Up

  7. High Performer Fall 2022

7 Data Subject Access Request Badges
Scrut Received 7 Data Subject Access Request Badges in G2 Fall 2022 Awards

Committing To High Performance With 2 Cloud Compliance Badges

Summing up the G2 badges for the season of Fall 2022 are the following two valuable awards in the cloud compliance category, which reinforce our vision to provide an end-to-end compliance platform for cloud-native organizations aiming to achieve compliance with global information security frameworks.

  1. High Performer Fall 2022

  2. Best Support Overall

2 Cloud Compliance Badges
Scrut received 2 Cloud Compliance Badges in G2 Fall 2022 Awards

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for providing their invaluable reviews. Receiving awards across mid-market and small business sectors has enabled us to continue to empower our customers with automated risk monitoring tools that make compliance a seamless and painless process.