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Scrut dazzles with 5 Momentum Leader Awards and 152 Badges in G2’s Spring 2024 Report

We’ve outdone ourselves, and how! Scrut brought home a whopping 152 badges in G2’s Spring 2024 Report. This includes 5 Momentum Leader awards and 3 Leader badges in important security and compliance categories.

G2 is the ultimate platform for customers to explore, compare, and review tech solutions tailored to their specific needs, and we’re grateful to be recognized by them every quarter.

This recognition would not be possible without the continued support of our wonderful customers! Their unending faith in us fuels us to keep topping ourselves to serve them even better. 

Read on to explore the badges we received in this season’s G2 report.

On top of the game with 5 Momentum Leader badges

Being named a Momentum Leader in five categories has us beaming with gratitude!  

Security Compliance, Cloud Compliance, Vendor Security and Privacy Assessment, Cloud Security Posture Management, and IT Asset Management are areas we’ve worked hard to strengthen, and we are ecstatic to see our efforts pay off.

We will continue to work hard to deliver top-notch services and products that boost the information security of our clients.

Standing proud with 3 Leader badges 

Being recognized as leaders in Cloud Security, Cloud Security Posture Management, and Security Compliance lets us know that our efforts to keep our customers’ organizations secure and compliant have not gone unnoticed.

This recognition spurs us to keep innovating and pushing boundaries, ensuring that we continue to set the standard for excellence in security and compliance.

Putting security on the map with 10 Leader badges from around the world

As we continue to grow, we aim to serve as many companies as possible. Being acknowledged as Regional Leaders by G2 is a real honor that reflects our dedication.

We’re thankful for this recognition and excited about the opportunities it brings to expand our impact.

Winning ten Regional Leader badges across four categories—Cloud Compliance, Security Compliance, Cloud Security Posture Management, and Vendor Security and Privacy Assessment—has energized us to keep pushing forward.

Scaling new heights with 42 High Performer badges 

We’re absolutely thrilled to have clinched 42 High Performer badges!

Being acknowledged as a high performer across nine categories—such as Cloud Compliance, Cloud Security, Cloud Security Posture Management, and more—fuels our drive to continually raise the bar and provide top-notch products and services to our customers.

Winning over 30 badges in both mid-market and enterprise segments further reinforces our dedication to excellence across various business scales. 

Notable badges that we earned

Scrut shines with 18 Best Usability badges, 16 Best Results badges, and six Most Implementable badges—highlighting our product’s user-friendliness and effectiveness.

We continue to be a crowd favorite, securing 16 Best Relationship badges, 8 Users Most Likely to Recommend badges, and three Highest User Adoption badges.

Elevating Cloud Compliance with 30 badges

Making sure your cloud architecture stays compliant is a top priority for us, and earning 30 badges in this category shows just how dedicated we are in this area.

We’re excited to be recognized as both a Momentum Leader and a Leader in Cloud Compliance. Our commitment remains strong as we continue to expand our efforts, making cloud compliance accessible to businesses of all sizes across the globe.

Boosting Cloud Security with 17 badges

We’ve snagged 17 badges in cloud security, reaffirming that organizations can trust us to safeguard their cloud architecture.

It’s truly rewarding to be recognized as a leader in this field, and we’re committed to staying on top of our game to provide you with top-notch solutions for securing your cloud!

Redefining Cloud Security Posture Management with 26 badges

Receiving the Momentum Leader badge in Cloud Security Posture Management confirms our platform’s role as a vigilant system, ensuring no vulnerability slips through the cracks!

We’re ramping up efforts to enhance cloud security posture management even further. Our goal? To provide customers with an even stronger and more resilient defense against potential threats.

Honing IT Asset Management with 25 badges

We’re thrilled to have earned 25 badges for our efforts in optimizing the use of IT resources!

Our belief in efficiently managing IT resources throughout their lifecycle has paid off, earning us 13 High Performer badges in this category!

Bolstering Security Compliance with 10 badges

Being recognized as both a Momentum Leader and Leader in Security Compliance signals that our customers appreciate the dedication we pour into keeping them compliant.

We’re all about making security compliance a breeze for our customers, and it’s a source of pride to witness them reap the rewards of our efforts.

Fortifying Third Party and Supplier Risk Management with 10 badges

We’re thrilled to have earned 5 High Performer badges in Third Party and Supplier Risk Management! Managing vendor risks is a key focus for us, and it’s fantastic to know our clients value our dedication.

Our commitment remains strong in ensuring our clients have secure third-party relationships, providing them with peace of mind to drive their business forward.

Enhancing Vendor Security and Privacy Assessment with 11 badges

We believe vendor security is essential for a robust security setup, and we’re proud to have earned 11 badges in this area.

You can count on us to keep enhancing vendor security and privacy assessment, fostering stronger relationships between our customers and their vendors.

Mastering Attack Surface Management with 12 badges

With our all-inclusive platform and know-how, we equip organizations with the tools and insights to spot, evaluate, and tackle security risks across their attack surfaces proactively.

It’s fulfilling to see our commitment to strengthening cybersecurity acknowledged with 12 badges. We’re ready to step up our game and enhance our clients’ attack surface management even further in the upcoming quarter.

Optimizing Audit Management with 11 badges

Improving Audit Management is at the heart of what we do, and we’re thrilled to receive recognition in this area. These badges highlight our dedication to delivering strong solutions that simplify and enhance the audit process for our clients.

Looking ahead, our goal is to keep getting better. We’re committed to providing organizations with the tools and support they require to navigate audits smoothly and confidently, ensuring their continued success.

Breaking records. Fixing security.

Our G2 win is yet another stepping stone to greater heights in the world of security and compliance.

If you need a second opinion on our products and services, be sure to read our customer reviews by clicking here.

We’re dedicated to meeting all your infosec needs with our innovative platform. Schedule a demo with us today to see how we can take your company’s information security to the next level.

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We’ve outdone ourselves, and how! Scrut brought home a whopping 152 badges[...]

We’ve outdone ourselves, and how! Scrut brought home a whopping 152 badges[...]

We’ve outdone ourselves, and how! Scrut brought home a whopping 152 badges[...]

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