ISMS Governing Body

An ISMS governing body is composed of the key management members in any organization and is defined as an organizational governance team that specializes in management oversight. The members included in this governing body are usually defined as senior leadership and executive management placed in the company’s top tier. They are hugely responsible for the strategic decisions and resource allocation done internally in the organization.

This ISMS governing body provides appropriate management oversight and takes stringent management measures for the organization’s Information Security Management System (ISMS). It helps to ensure the following: 

  • If the specified Information security objectives align with the strategized business model to meet the goals and objectives set by an organization.
  • If the risk management program in use is actually identifying and mitigating the identified risks to the resources and assets of the organization and producing the required results.
  • The standard policies and procedures mentioned in the organization’s ISMS are carefully reviewed, approved, and remain current.
  • There is appropriate allocation, implementation, and use of the organization’s resources to meet the required objectives. 
  • Suppose the internal audit program is defined and carried out as per the applied policies and procedures. This includes maintaining sufficient independence to perform a sequence of duties and avoid any conflicts of interest.
  • If metrics such as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are being used, defined, and reported to ensure the intended outcome is achieved and to study the effectiveness of the ISMS.
  • If necessary, adjustments are being made on time to improve the ISMS.

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