General Data Protection Regulation

The EU or European Union established the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018 to protect the clients’ and customers’ personal data. This GDPR came into succession after the digital reform launched in 2012 by the European Union (EU) to create new standards for internet and technology advancements. 

Hence, the GDPR is considered the core of Europe’s digital privacy legislation. The collection, processing, assent, and distribution of personal data to ensure that EU citizens have more independent control over their data comes under the requirements of GDPR.

Within the GDPR, data protection policies are designed to put the clients first. The process of achieving compliance falls entirely on businesses and organizations. However, the impact of the GDPR does expand outside of the EU, so any goods or services being provided to citizens under the EU are subject to GDPR and must be tackled with compliance.

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