Security Best Practices
For Startup

Security is important for startups since they may prioritize faster time to market over cybersecurity and compliance requirements. They race to grow their user base and become profitable. Learn how security best practices can benefit your startup through our cutting-edge compliance E-Books.


Learn how InfoSec Compliance can benefit your Business, through our cutting-edge Compliance E-Books

Frequently asked questions

What is Zero Trust Security Principles?

Zero Trust is a security framework that mandates that all users, inside or outside the organization’s network, must first authenticate, authorize, and undergo ongoing security configuration and posture validation before granting or maintaining access to applications and data. Zero Trust is based on the premise that there is no such thing as a traditional network edge and that networks can be local, in the cloud, hybrid, or a combination of both, with people and resources spread around the globe.

Employees are often the weakest link in any cybersecurity strategy. However, they can quickly become the strongest asset in a startup’s security arsenal with the proper training. This ebook advocates for employees’ proper cybersecurity and making cybersecurity training a core part of the employee onboarding process.

What is BCDR?

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) is a group of strategies or procedures that assist an organization in recovering from a disaster and resuming regular business operations. Natural calamities, power outages or disruptions brought on by human error, equipment failure, or cybercrime are all considered disasters. Savvy startups design security plans and BCDR policies to mitigate the impact of such disasters. These policies contain contingency plans in the event of a data breach to ensure business continuity and operational viability in the aftermath of a cyber attack.

Why is Security Important for Startups?

A startup’s existence hinges on evolution, necessitating a constant capacity for change in order to adjust to the constantly shifting technological world. Although it is essential for survival, this agility also presents new risks that come up along with the growth. Security is essential for startups since they may prioritize faster time to market over cybersecurity and compliance requirements as they race to grow their user base and become profitable. 

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