Apty implements automated risk monitoring for compliance towards ISO 27001, SOC 2, HIPAA, GDPR, ISO 27017, and ISO 27018


Apty is an Austin, Texas-based digital adoption platform helping organizations optimize their software utilization by combining the power of on-screen guidance and time-saving automation. With Apty, enterprises can double the speed of user onboarding across platforms, cut training & support costs by 80%, and cut feature adoption time in half. 

Nearly 1 million users use Apty each month to master web applications and perform better in global Fortune 500 companies. To ensure that data across so many users from some of the largest companies across the globe remains secure, Apty developed a best-in-class information security management system (ISMS), which includes continuous monitoring of their cloud assets, endpoints, Infosec risks as well as establishing robust policies to handle these risks. 

Through Scrut, Apty could monitor its cloud infrastructure across assets and accounts in order to detect any misconfigurations against 150+ cloud controls as per the CIS benchmarks. The ‘shift left’ approach to managing their cloud risks ensured that any potential misconfigurations automatically went into the DevOps pipeline, and developers could fix them very early without relying on manual audits. 

Given their complex compliance posture, Apty also automated the management of Infosec policies and evidence artifacts through Scrut to avoid weeks of manual effort in internal audits. By creating continuous observability around Infosec risks and their compliance posture, Apty is using trust as an aggressive differentiator in its sales process.

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