Unblocking regulatory hurdles for data flow across applications

Driving Trust and Efficiency with Mature Compliance

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Industry: SaaS

≅ 96 hours saved across compliances

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Unblocking regulatory hurdles for data flow across applications

As an innovative tool enabling revenue teams to be 10X more effective, ActHQ processes enormous amounts of data at any given point of time. This spans across client platforms which use their services, as well as users who use services of the client platforms. Since it encompasses everything from PII to cash inflows and outflows, deal information, churn health, etc; getting compliant with relevant standards was crucial.

Bryan Weiss, Co-founder, ActHQ

“The policy builder is pretty helpful to use. Wouldn’t even have known where to begin, had we done this on our own. We might have put something hacky along the way and missed out on a bunch of important stuff.”


Catching the right boat

While they did get a compliance solution with relative feature parity to Scrut, the lack of seamless experience led them towards us. Rightfully so, because the challenges were piling up.

Handling huge data volumes

With a lot of processes to capture customer data from across mail, calendars, contacts, calls, email engagement, and other forms of PII; the chances of data breaches were substantial.

Inconsistent customer support

Vanta’s team would often shuffle around and ActHQ would end up having to deal with a new POC. This led to starting things from scratch repeatedly, which was a major compliance roadblock.

Slow processes & workflows

In the case of ActHQ’s integration-heavy CRM platform, core systems store confidential data that is critical for the basic functioning of the business. Slowing compliance could mean slowing business down.

A switch to something faster, simpler, and tighter – was overdue.


Multiple compliances at pretty much the same time

All concerns over time and resource allocation were gone after experiencing Scrut’s high performing infosec team during onboarding and migrating. Further, constant cloud monitoring enabled ActHQ to instantly fix danger items on their AWS.

Policies were reviewed and published within 3 days, which further laid the foundations for a speedy SOC 2 Type 2 certification. On top of this, their audit log has been buzzing with activities on a daily basis, leading to constant compliance readiness.

But that wasn’t even the cherry on top. As a sub-processor of data their Record of Processing Activities (ROPA) was HUGE – to say the least. Comprehensive implementation along with the platform’s custom controls and templates enabled them to sail past this smoothly.

Your relationship with auditors made the back and forth easy compared to what we were used to with our previous compliance partner


Reinforcing confidence with security

Opened roads for new business geographies

With GDPR certification now under their belt, acquiring customers in the European Union is now possible. This has led to newer customer and partner relationships, in alignment with ActHQ’s strategic priorities.

Accelerated sales cycles

Constant cloud monitoring and managing vulnerabilities efficiently, resulted in a secure infosec posture. When demonstrated instantly to enterprise customers, lesser degree of scrutiny and faster deal flows have been observed.

Enhanced employee security and compliance

Managing policy acceptance and endpoint compliance on one hand, and strengthening employee readiness via customized trainings on the other, resulted in a constant readiness from a workforce perspective .

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