UptimeAI automates infosec control monitoring through GRC automation

uptime ai case study

UptimeAI, an AI-based plant monitoring software, combines predictive maintenance, explainable failure modes, and self-learning workflows to reduce equipment failures and performance loss in process industries. Based in San Francisco, California, Uptime AI has created an expert system that will serve as every machine operator’s trusted advisor in achieving operational excellence. 

With the help of AI, and backed by 200+ years of combined subject matter expertise, UptimeAI provides predictive insights on equipment performance and maintenance to help increase availability and productivity by up to 10% while reducing maintenance costs by up to 30%.

Uptime AI processes billions of data points to deliver meaningful insights for its customers who are leaders in their respective industries, including the likes of Nova Scotia, BASF, Tata Power. Given the complexity of the data it processes, its cloud infrastructure is complex and requires continuous monitoring to ensure all risks are identified in real time. Moreover, their enterprise customers often require compliance with global infosec frameworks and get detailed security questionnaires filled in order to progress with deals. 

To ensure that they establish a strong infosec posture, UptimeAI automated their cloud security monitoring, to check for potential misconfigurations against 200+ controls. Moreover, they established continuous control monitoring through Scrut’s pre-built integrations, which helped them manage their infosec and compliance posture in real time. With the help of streamlined infosec processes that UptimeAI established, Uptime AI was able to get compliant with global information security frameworks, SOC2, GDPR, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, and ISO 27018 simultaneously, within a few weeks.

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