automates Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring for its distributed GCP Cloud testimonial is a leading Singapore-based mapping platform committed to helping enterprises leverage geospatial data to improve cost, scale, and user experience control. It supports enterprises with location tools and APIs that enable them to take an AI-first approach to solve all their location-related business issues.

Due to a diverse set of customers and the regular volumes of data it needs to train its AI,’s Google Cloud Platform (GCP) cloud environment stores detailed location data and runs complex algorithms. To secure its cloud, it was critical to automate cloud security as per best practices. automated its cloud infrastructure risk monitoring with Scrut, to simplify this. continuously monitors risks across its cloud assets, testing for misconfigurations based on the cloud security gold standard – the Centre for Information Security (CIS) benchmarks, across 200+ cloud controls. Any potential risks are detected in real time, and relevant stakeholders are notified with robust alerts and notifications. assigns any fixes to be made directly from the Scrut platform, which is added on to the right developer’s pipeline. 

With a strong cloud security posture in place, and with continuous compliance control monitoring, was able to comply with leading infosec frameworks like SOC 2, GDPR, and ISO 27001 in no time.

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