Protecting sensitive banking data

Securing Trust while handling Financial Data

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Protecting sensitive banking data

What happens when a revolutionary banking-tech platform wants to move to the next chapter of their growth? Apart from setting big goals, it also means demonstrating their readiness to make this leap to investors, partners, along with existing and potential customers.

For Monthio, this meant getting compliant with ISO 27001 in a convenient way that could be automated, with expert guidance. While they tested out other incumbents found on G2, Scrut’s outstanding reviews and value for money made it the top choice to go ahead with.

Rune Højsgaard, CTO, Monthio

“Just the fact that Scrut has included a platform to execute awareness campaigns in the product itself is actually a big selling point. The collection of information from HR integrations and execution of the campaigns through the platform works quite nice.”


Complex documentation and evidence collection

As one of Europe’s leading credit decisioning solutions, Monthio wanted to reinforce its commitment to information security for its clients. However, having a comprehensive view of the security program required dedicated professional assistance. Essentially, before going up for an audit, they wanted to cover all bases when it came to policies and processes, for which constant expert guidance was crucial.


Agile approach for technical compliance

After extensively seeing positive reviews on G2, Monthio wanted to leverage Scrut’s platform and extensive customer support to get a super strong starting point for market expansion. 

Having baseline support for the policies and documents was key to kickstart the compliance journey. Scrut delivered exactly what Monthio needed at the time i.e., automation, comprehensive compliance checklists, employees training, and dedicated support from the infosec team. Insights on highlighted vulnerabilities through inclusive VAPT testing were particularly useful.

Preliminary discussions were followed by a gap assessment post which the team started working on the certification. Scrut gave them information around understanding ISO & drafting the policies around it. Monthio also built their risk registry easily with the ‘quick import’ feature and used dashboards to complete all pending tasks.

Pen-test as part of the package is a significant advantage over their competitors


Simplified execution for enhanced compliance posture

Opened road for market expansion

Monthio sells to banks and financial institutions where compliance and security is paramount. Scrut enabled Monthio to open more doors in this arena and build trust with their customers.

Significant rise in customer trust

In terms of unlocking new customers and partners, trust was essential, and the fairly high level certifications enabled by Scrut, helped overcome this initial hurdle.

Actionable insights on employee tasks

The user lists feature lets Monthio track policy acceptances, pending technicals, and shoot out reminders and campaigns for ISMS compliance, making the process magnitudes faster.

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