Having a proactive stance towards compliance

Ditching the cookie-cutter approach for a ROI centric solution

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Having a proactive stance towards compliance

Having an ex-CISO at the helm of a pioneering AI based cloud security company, means that data security and compliance would be a constant priority. 

Unlike many others who plan for compliance when the need arises, the folks over at Gomboc.ai wanted to set up everything from the beginning instead of trying to apply things retroactively and end up in a limbo.

Hence the need for an end-to-end solution to set up and manage due processes encompassing the entire cloud architecture information.

Ian Iftach Amit, CEO, Gomboc

“It was a combination of the completeness of the solution and the ability to really understand where we’re coming from and what exactly we need, that made Scrut the top choice for us”.


Keeping up with complex certification requirements

Handling employee information along with intellectual property and customer data comes with its set of stringent requirements. While it is common to address them at a particular checkpoint, ensuring that they are being addressed all the time constantly, is a challenge. Gomboc needed a partner to make sure that they were up to date with all requirements from a certifications and standards perspective.


Constant visibility of rigorous processes

A candid discussion and warm recommendation of Scrut as the ideal partner for compliance and standardization led to the beginning of this journey. Setting up everything with due processes, checks, and balances, was done with our in-house experts tailoring everything to Gomboc’s unique needs.

The goal was to monitor cloud architecture continuously to keep things on track. Extensive evidence tracking and management was utillized for this. Further, Employee Management and Security Awareness Trainings were instrumental in ensuring internal readiness for all standards.

Very smooth, very interactive and clear. This would’ve easily taken us at least 60% more time to complete if we had not opted for compliance automation.


Foundational support for standardization to build confidence

Solidified internal policies

Gomboc wanted extensive policies to shape a robust foundation to grow from, and Scrut helped them take this strategic step with ease.

Significant rise in customer trust

In terms of unlocking new customers and partners, trust was essential, and the fairly high level certifications enabled by Scrut, helped overcome this initial hurdle.

Quick and supportive infosec support

Our proactive infosec team shared inputs and addressed concerns on the fly, resulting in smoother evidence collection, audits, and pen testing.

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