Freight Tiger automates Cloud Risk Monitoring for 200+ controls

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Freight Tiger is one of the pioneers of end-to-end freight management systems in India. They provide established shippers with a systematic approach toward logistics, transforming what used to be a cost centre into a competitive advantage. With the assistance of Freight Tiger, enterprise customers across industries can move material to their customers with complete visibility, predictability, and speed. Even SMEs, including transportation companies with limited infrastructure and reach, can now rapidly expand into new markets. 

Freight Tiger has quickly evolved into a fully integrated digital freight network that connects over 60+ shippers on the platform. Powered by Lightspeed Ventures, Aroa Ventures, and some of the largest conglomerates in India, they have emerged as a neutral SaaS platform for all logistics stakeholders to collaborate effectively and seamlessly.

With their rapid digital evolution also came the challenge of maintaining the security of the cloud that hosts such complex, high-velocity data. Freight Tiger is building one of the largest Digital Freight Networks in India with over 90K+ connected locations, which makes it critical for them to continuously monitor and observe their complex cloud infrastructure and mitigate risks arising from potential misconfigurations.

Freight Tiger decided to opt for automated cloud monitoring to ensure that its cloud infrastructure is continuously observed. With Scrut’s cloud security, Freight Tiger tracked its cloud to the minutest details, monitoring it real time across 200+ controls. Any misconfigurations were immediately flagged and shared with the DevOps team. The team also leveraged the Jira integration heavily – to ensure any fixes, particularly the critical ones that were highlighted on the platform, were immediately added on to their CI/CD pipeline. 

With continuous monitoring and proactive fixes to their cloud, Freight Tiger was able to adhere to the complex requirements that arise out of multiple infosec frameworks like SOC 2, GDPR, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, and ISO 27018. Since all the standards were mapped to their controls on the platform – any deviations would reflect on the readiness score for the given standard. With Scrut, Freight Tiger did not just get compliant, they ensured continuous compliance and audit-readiness.

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