With the updated mandates coming in, Cortico needed to upgrade their ISMS and bring in more security compliance certifications.

From Risk to Resilience:

Perfecting the Certification Recipe with Automatic Surveillance and Trainings

Location: Burnaby, Canada

Industry: HealthTech

800 hours saved through automation

Structured guidance facilitating a smooth compliance journey

Greater market access with improved security posture

The Context

As a patient engagement platform on a mission to allow patients access medical care with 10x less stress and effort, Cortico knew all too well about the multiple compliance requirements that arise at the intersection of health care & technology. 

With the province of Ontario updating its guidelines in 2022, addressing the updated mandates was top priority. Furthermore, with a 1 year notice on it, Cortico decided to act on it right away.

Clark Van Oye, CEO, Cortico

Our need for a turnkey solution led us to Scrut. The benefit of having reduced workload and costs is significant for our business.


Navigating complex compliance requirements

With the updated mandates coming in, Cortico needed to upgrade their ISMS and bring in more security compliance certifications.
Compliance requirements are complex in nature and filled with jargon almost alien to most people. It was important to identify the right standards that matter - that will be able to help them build trust with their customers, and strengthen their security. The goal was to optimize Cortico's time and resources while also ensuring alignment with their market access needs.
In this complex environment, Cortico needed an expert that could help identify and prioritize the right certifications to pursue.

The Solution

Scrut enabled Cortico to navigate through the requirements set forth by the province of Ontario, understand the relevance, and cherry pick the right standards (SOC 2 type 2, ISO 27001:2022 and HIPAA) aligned with Cortico’s future goals. After finalizing the certifications, Scrut defined the processes in alignment with the requirements of ISO 27001. Scrut’s intuitive platform ensured that modifying, reviewing, and approving the corresponding policies was a breeze. Scrut also implemented the ISMS training module. The training process was simple and engaging, enabling Cortico to complete its employee training requirements smoothly.

The Scrut Automation platform was the turnkey solution that Cortico needed, automating most of the surveillance and evidence gathering activities across the three standards. The platform helped Cortico keep a tight eye on the compliance gaps, progress towards fixing these issues, and status of the audit projects – enabling them to drive and close audits with zero friction.

Defining all processes for ISO would have been intractable without Scrut’s help

The Impact

Time saved with automations

Leveraging the Scrut platform’s automations and workflows, Cortico saved about 800 hours in the process of achieving their compliances

Structured guidance and ownership

The infosec team was available at all times and ensured the needs of all the stakeholders were being met.

Greater market access

The improved security posture and accompanying compliance certifications paved the way for Cortico to acquire bigger customers and enter newer markets

Automate Compliance,
Drive Growth.

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