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Build Trust into a competitive advantage

What is Trust Vault?

Trust Vault is the single window to help you streamline security certification and report requests, demonstrate security protocols, build real-time transparency into your security and compliance postures, and keep your customers informed with your latest subprocessors.

build trust form day 1

Build Trust from Day 1

Stay ahead of customer security concerns to build trust from the beginning of the sales cycle. 


Build and share an auto-populated company-branded security page with Trust Vault to showcase your information security posture.

Accelerate Enterprise Deals

Proactively display all your compliance certifications, attestations, and reports, all in one place.


Equip yourself with viewer engagement insights to identify your prospect's top concerns for a seamless deal cycle.


Demonstrate transparency in security controls

Showcase real-time transparency into your compliance posture without any manual effort. 


The Trust Vault page gets auto-populated through continuous control monitoring, pulling in the most recent updates across controls, compliances, and subprocessors.

Keep customers notified of your latest subprocessors 

Eliminate the effort of manually updating the subprocessors to comply with Privacy Regulations.


The Trust Vault page automatically pulls your Subprocessors from the underlying smart GRC platform.


Expedite security reviews

Make time-consuming security reviews a thing of the past.


With a searchable security knowledge database, prime your deals by addressing security concerns and overcoming repeated clarifications before they even come up.

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Grant NDA-backed Access

Share detailed certificates, attestations, and reports instantly, without the stress of information leaks.


Manage who can access these reports through admin-managed gated access, backed with auto-populated two-way Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs).

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Customizable Security Page

Integrate Trust Vault page with your website, customized to your brand

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Continuous control monitoring 

Real-time view into your monitored controls

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Enterprise Authentication

Leverage SSO, SAML and SCIM for easy access

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NDA Workflow

Automated NDA workflows for granting document access

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Role-based access

Control access for different user groups

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Searchable Knowledge base

Centralized database with answers to all security-related questions