Turbocharge compliance with Digital Personal Data Protection Act

Align your organization’s security strategy with India’s GDPR equivalent regulation.

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What is DPDP?

Digital Personal Data Protection (DPDP) Act is a set of regulations designed to give Indian citizens more control over their confidential data. It aims to streamline the business regulatory environment so citizens and organizations in India can wholly benefit from the digital economy.

Don’t let DPDP slow down your expansion

70% lesser manual

~50% more cost
ownership efficiency

<6 weeks to

“Working with Scrut has been a joy, as they helped us identify gaps in our security posture. Their team meets with us regularly, answering our questions and guiding us through policies, vulnerabilities found through their scans, gathering evidence, and other remediation tasks. Having them hold our hand through our compliance journey has been a relief!”

Ed S, VP of Engineering, Xima

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Assessments done

DPDP certification without breaking a sweat

Get DPDP compliant in weeks

Access DPDP compliant policies templates, customizable with an in-line editor. Automate gap assessment to help you identify what needs to be fixed. Onboard with in-house DPDP compliance experts to get you ‘there’.

DPDP Controls Library

Build the right controls to keep a check on the flow of sensitive data and demonstrate compliance readiness. Track and manage all policies, tests, and evidences pre-mapped to DPDP controls in a single view.

Eliminate Manual Work

Leverage 75+ integrations for continuous control monitoring and automated evidence collection that reduces manual efforts by over 70%. Deviation alerts that allows you to fix issues instantly and intuitive workflows to easily create, schedule, and assign tasks.

Scale Security without slippages

The DPDP controls are built to reduce duplication, enable a strong security foundation and easily add other standards. Scrut’s unified control framework enables DPDP adherence with all other compliance frameworks which can be viewed and monitored from a single place.

Demonstrate Your Security Posture

Build trust with customers from day 1 with an easily shareable custom security page showcasing your security controls, policies, certifications, artefacts, and more. Enable priveleged-access to the trust page with NDA-based and time-gated access.

Advanced Vendor Management

Regulate 3rd party data transfers with vendors responsibly. Use our pre-built questionnaires and vendor dashboards to evaluate and monitor your vendors. Minimise potential vendor risks by spotting deviations and analysing insights from a central dashboard that tracks responses and mitigation tasks.

Ujjwal Sinha, Nova Benefits

“Organizational methods to protect data must be kept in place as failure to have a proper set of controls also attracts a heavy fine under DPDP”

Faster DPDP compliance for security without hassle

Lower Total cost of Ownership

ZERO hidden costs, no unnecessary upsells. Avoid spending on additional tools. Scrut has native capabilities for enterprise grade CSPM, container scanning, risk management, and vendor management

Strengthen your infosec program

Manage everything from cloud risk assessments, control reviews, employee policy attestations, and vendor risk through a single platform. Identify compliance gaps so you can focus on what to fix

Real Support

Our Customer Success team will play quarterback for you. Rely on their expertise to  negotiate with auditors, respond to queries, and become an extended member of your team

With Scrut, compliance is:

The UI makes it very simple to address what issue needs to be remediated, making life simpler for anyone looking to get compliant.

Before Scrut, we thought the compliance journey would take no less than 6 months. But Scrut has helped us get ISO and SOC 2 compliant within 6 weeks.

The Scrut platform is comprehensive, easy-to-understand, and seamlessly integrates all requirements of the certification process.

The Scrut platform helped easily maintain a single repository for all compliance documents, evidence/artifacts/assessments of vulnerabilities.

Experience hassle-free DPDP Compliance

See Scrut in action!