CCPA compliance doesn’t have to be convoluted and confusing

What is CCPA ?

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a state-wide data privacy law that regulates how businesses worldwide are allowed to handle the personal information (PI) of California residents.

Lifecycle management

Scrut playbook uses data security techniques such as minimisation, pseudonymization and encryption to protect and manage personal information (PI).

Disclosure of personal information

Using Scrut automation tool, you can process customers' disclosure and deletion requests without any manual intervention.

Polymorphic Encryption

Your data is secured and encrypted. Scrut’s unique approach to data security utilizes multiple encryption and tokenization techniques to ensure optimal security without sacrificing data usability.

24/7 Monitoring

Get real-time monitoring & updates to ensure controls are fully operational

Vendor management

Track & review reports of your vendors at anytime

Custom reports

Create custom reports to share with your customers

Compliance expert help

Get support from compliance audit experts

Dedicated support team

Scrut playbook team of experts support you at every step

Evidence Collection

evidence support.png

Stay Secure with real-time alerts-so you can fix them quickly