Case Study

Typesense Finds Scrut’s Single Window Platform An Instrumental Tool In Achieving SOC 2 Compliance

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Typesense Inc.




Product Used

Search Engine

GRC platform, Scrut Octopus


SOC 2 Type II

Typesense is an open-source typo-tolerant search engine with an intuitive developer experience that aims to make great search technology accessible to everyone. Most search technologies existing for developers today have a heavy and complex learning curve, which is what Typesense aims to eliminate with their lightning-fast search experience that returns significant results right away while being affordable and ops-friendly.

The Context

When building Typesense, the founders - Jason Bosco and Kishore Nallan, were aware that they would eventually have to pursue compliance. However, the actual trigger came soon enough when their clients who had achieved SOC 2 compliance required them to have an external accreditation as well in order to close the deal.

As an organization that enables websites and applications to build a search technology that features their own data, it was imperative for Typesense to have proof of security controls - which led them to choose a SOC 2 Type II audit for their organization. Being a lean bootstrapped and customer-funded team, they wanted to automate their compliance processes to minimize the bandwidth strain on their engineering team. Scrut Automation was the perfect solution to help them achieve timely SOC 2 compliance without extensively depleting their resources, time, and money.

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The Solution

Scrut Automation proved to be of high value and was instrumental in guiding Typesense towards the right solution to their problems while undergoing the SOC 2 audit. The GRC platform powered by Scrut Automation was a one-stop solution for everything from identifying gaps in controls to managing external audits. The team especially found the self-service dashboard, which provided real-time progress reports, particularly helpful, as it quickly enabled Typesense to fix different gaps across their cloud accounts.

The customer success team at Scrut came armed with deep SOC 2 knowledge and guided the Typesense team in updating their policies in line with SOC 2 practices and collecting the right evidence with minimal friction to prove their compliance. Typesense leveraged Scrut’s extensive managed marketplace, with the VAPT consultant sourced and managed directly through the platform.

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The Impact

Despite a small team, Typesense was able to streamline their efforts for SOC 2 compliance without taking away bandwidth from their engineering teams. Navigating through the platform was easy and made it a breeze to identify roadblocks, perform remediation activities, and assess risks. Integrating security policies and controls helped Typesense strengthen its security posture and stay compliant every day.

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Three things that Typesense liked about Scrut Automation:

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Easy-to-navigate dashboards that act as a one-stop to monitor infosec posture in real time

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In-built marketplace with a network of vetted auditors and consultants armed with industry best practices

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Guided support from the customer success team to reduce the complexity of the audits

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It was essential for us to find the right firm to support us in our journey of SOC 2 compliance and Scrut Automation came in fully charged with extensive and deep knowledge and automation tools. Their platform allowed us to fast-track the audit process, leading us to complete the certification without a hitch.

Jason Bosco

CEO & Co-Founder

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